About Us

Edward McDannold   




I am a Financial Advisor focusing on serving clients with Financial Planning and Investment Management strategies. I studied Economics at the University of Kentucky and began my career with PNC Bank and, most recently, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management prior to joining Global Financial Resources, LLC.

I am a Fee-Only, Fiduciary actively seeking to break the mold on traditional financial advising.  I have developed a practice servicing individuals across all socio-economic statuses.  The client's best interest is at the core of all decision making from start to finish. I collaborate with individuals to reduce the inflated costs associated with Investing and streamline the process to make it easy to understand.

I understand the unique challenges most of us are facing as we move through our lives.  It is important to be able to balance both work and life and know we are being well taken care of on the other side regardless of the situation.  My two greatest accomplishments in life have been knowing and understanding when to use a professional and my family, which currently resides in Hebron, KY, my wife, Landis, and our two children, Callie and David.